My name is Jerry born 1974 in Haarlem/Holland.
A big interest of mine is the American 50’s era.
I started photographing the cars from that period, 
after I bought my first digital camera in 2006.
I’m always trying to find an angle you will not suspect,
so my pictures stay interesting to watch over and over again.
In 2012 I got my first publication in the Dutch KR8 magazine,
and till now many more followed after that first one.
Photography is still a hobby of mine, so each time I'm holding my camera I'm learning some more about it.
So if you would like to do a nice Pin-up shoot or you would like to have some nice photo's of your American classic, Kustom or hotrod taken, just contact me and maybe it's your car or are you that special Pin-up that's on one of my photo's.
Maybe we will see each other one day, for a nice day of shooting to bring you back to the early days.
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